Natural resources like the trees, fertile land, metal ores, gas, water and oil are being gulped quicker than the earth can replenish them.
The world’s economy is built around these resources, we create and consume much more than we need. This results in the earth’s scuffle to cope with the resulting impact of waste and emission generated.
As the earth struggle to survive with the waste we all generate either as an individual or as a business, we all have our role to play to conserve our resources.
When you think waste, think resource.
According to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) “The recyclables should be recognized as the 7th most important resource after water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals.

As individuals, let’s cultivate the habit of creating resources from our everyday waste;
* Reduce your consumption pattern, this can help reduce your spending cost.
* Creatively reuse waste items.
* Sort your waste and exchange your recyclables for rewards with recycling collection companies

As businesses, to create resources from our daily operations;
* Rethink your approach to purchases and use of materials, this can reduce the volume of materials purchased on a long term and as well reduce cost.
*Engage services of waste management consultant ( to develop waste management plan or recycling program.
What other ways do you create resources from your waste? Leave a comment.