The global situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has made us spend our time at home. As a result, the volume of household waste would increase, as we consume more food and accumulate more recyclable packaging items.
In major communities, cities and towns across the globe, the recycling collectors are not a part of the essential service providers, hence the suspension of services rendered during the lockdown.
Even yet, there is a need to continuously take recycling important in creating a sustainable environment.

Here are five basic tips to properly store your recyclables while at home;

You can develop an attitude of carrying with you a reusable shopping bag, so you can refuse the urge to collect single use shopping bags. You can also refuse purchasing items that you cannot reuse or recycle.

Now is a good time to creatively reuse items that might have ended up in your trash/recycle bins. Turn an aluminium can into a beautiful vase, transform toilet paper cores into a crafty electric wire storage. Be creative!

Create your own recycling containers
Make recycling bins that best fit the available space at home. You can arrange empty creates in vertical order or hung recycling bag on walls.

Find a Good Spot and Sort. Whichever bin idea you come up with, ensure you are able to optimize available space. Label the bins accordingly and start sorting your recyclables.

Be Proactive and Be Resourceful
Think ahead about what can be acceptable in your home, you don’t need something huge to store those recyclables and be resourceful about it.